3 common kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid

So, you want to remodel your kitchen, congratulations! The kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s where gatherings happen, food is prepared and where people tend to spend most of their time. Today, our experts at AAA are sharing 3 common mistakes that arise during a kitchen remodel and how to avoid them, so you’ll be enjoying your new kitchen for years

DIY Remodeling

Unless you’re a licensed professional, step away from the kitchen remodel! Just because you’re
an avid fan of HGTV does not mean you should take on a massive project like this all by
yourself. There are many things homeowners can do themselves, but depending on the scope
of the project and other factors like how old your home is, a professional contractor will need to
come in. Avoid major re-work in the future and leave it to the professionals.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

All too many times we see homeowners set a budget and once installation time comes around,
they’re doubling or tripling their spending. Jot down what you need out of this remodel versus
what you want. Work inside your means and be comfortable with your number. It’s also a good
idea when setting a budget to take into consideration your home value and local real estate
prices. Experts suggest setting aside at least 10% of the total cost of your renovation just as a

Say No to Outdated Appliances

If you’re spending a pretty penny on your remodel, it makes no sense to keep outdated
appliances! Old appliances can make your shiny new kitchen look strange and older appliances
tend to use more energy so go for the upgrades!

How We Can Help

Here at AAA, we can make all your kitchen model dreams become a reality! Call or contact us
today to learn how we can give you your dream kitchen!