Powering your Home with a Home Solar System

The use of solar power in the US has been steadily growing over the years. Solar energy is sustainable, efficient, renewable and extremely plentiful and many Americans are now realizing this! With over a million installations across the country (and growing), we’re sharing the top 5 benefits of turning your home into a solar friendly residence.


Benefits of Going Solar



  • Cost Effective


It’s estimated that Americans who switch to solar powering their homes can save anywhere from $10,000 to $60,000 over a 20-year span. Wow! With electricity rates always on the rise, solar power can greatly reduce your electricity consumption and monthly bill. Also, most solar power systems come with rebates and warranties for even more ways to save. If you’re looking to reduce your monthly bills, look no further than a home solar system!



  • Increase Your Home’s Value


Powering your home with solar panels is viewed as a household upgrade; just as valuable as a renovated bathroom or room extension! On average, installing solar panels can increase your home value by a whopping 17% or around $15,000. Studies show that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster than one without, too. 



  • Environmentally Friendly


Not only are you helping your wallet out, you’re helping out Mother Nature! Supercharge your home with clean, green energy. Solar power is renewable and plentiful, without the need to burn any harmful fuels. Each kilowatt of solar energy produced significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other nasty pollutants. 



  • Solar Power Works Everywhere!


Most states in the US are solar resources, meaning they receive adequate amount of sunlight to make their home solar efficient. Even states like Alaska who don’t see as much sun can still reap the benefits of a home solar system. 



  • Solar Powering Is Easy


Gone are the days of thinking solar panel installation is difficult! Nowadays, going solar has never been easier. With more and more companies offering installation, shopping for solar is a quick and painless process.


Looking to add a home solar system to your home? Contact us today and learn just how much you can save! 


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