Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

Deciding to remodel your home is a big decision! Here at AAA, our remodeling and
development is centered around improving your home through energy efficient products and
services. Today we’re looking at 4 home design ideas (from minor tweaks to major renovations)
to help you save more on your monthly bills.

HVAC System

One of the simplest things you can do is make sure your heating and cooling units in your home
are energy efficient. A recent survey performed found that 48% of a home’s energy use comes
from the heating and cooling system. That’s almost half! By keeping your HVAC system
properly updated and maintained, you can save money and reduce energy. It is also important
to make sure your HVAC professional installs your system properly. Improper installation can
actually make things worse, lessening the efficiency of your system by up to 30%! These tips
along with proper continuous insulation, air sealing in key locations and tweaking your
thermostat settings can help you save upwards of 30% on your energy bill while also vastly
reducing environmental emissions!

Energy Efficient Appliances

This one’s easy and can be tackled room by room! Start in your kitchen and select appliances
that are Energy Star approved. These appliances greatly reduce energy use without sacrificing
on performance. Move on to your laundry room, replacing old washers and dryers and then
finish of your energy efficient appliance upgrades with any random appliances throughout your
home like that old freezer in your basement!

Cool Roofs

Not just an awesome looking roof, a cool roof is reflective; delivering high solar reflectance and
high thermal emittance. In simpler terms, this type of roofing reflects the sun’s energy, reducing
rooftop temperatures while in turn keeping your home cooler! A cool roof is typically made up of
materials like tile, slate or clay; anything that is reflective or light in color.

Room Orientation

We mentioned major renovations and this is one of them! Where a room is located in your home
can have a massive effect on your heating and cooling bills. For a great rule of thumb, homes
located in the Northern Hemisphere (like North America, Europe and Asia) should be oriented
north-south, which will lessen cooling demands in the summer months and maximize the
sunlight during the cold winter months which will lesson heating demands.