Why having good insulation in your house can make all the difference!

In a previous post, we mentioned some of the benefits of a well-insulated home. But certain homeowners might need more incentive to lower their energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. Maybe you’ve adapted to living in a poorly insulated house. But it could also be that you haven’t envisioned all the ways in which better insulation might improve your home life.

A Steady Household Climate

It’s obvious that upgrading your insulation will result in home that’s warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. But the overall temperature is not the only important factor. There’s also a question of how the heat is distributed throughout the building.

Poor insulation usually makes itself known through drafts and cold spots. And the likely result is that residents feel differently in different areas of the house. You may be perfectly comfortable in the living room but find it’s too cold to work in your home office. Different bedrooms might be several degrees different from each other, leading to countless fights over the thermostat.

So if your house isn’t well-insulated, you should ask yourself: “Is my entire family getting the same enjoyment out of all areas of their home?”

Improved Social Gatherings

As our earlier post mentioned, high-quality insulation can seriously reduce noise. This is an obvious benefit for homeowners if they live in high-traffic areas or near sources of noise pollution. It’s also a gift to the entire neighborhood if houses are close together, with lots of activity inside.

Of course, many homeowners want noise reduction for both these reasons. If you’re having a quiet night at home, good insulation will help to keep the world at bay. But if you’re having friends over to celebrate a holiday or special occasion, you can be confident that neighbors won’t complain when the music gets louder.

That’s Not All!

These examples are just meant to give you a starting point as you think about how a well-insulated home can improve your life, personally. Once you’ve done that, it shouldn’t be difficult to determine how much that improvement is worth to you. Then you only need to contact us for a free estimate, and decide whether the benefits outweigh the costs of upgrading your home with new sealing, wall insulation, or weatherization.