Energy Efficiency Services for Stockton Homeowners

An energy efficiency services company in Stockton is even more valuable than in the nearby Bay Area. Stockton’s location in the Central Valley gives it a much wider range of temperatures throughout the year. Sometimes, the variability is even apparent from day-to-day.

At the time of this post, the week’s forecast called for a high over 80 degrees, and a low just above freezing. So it should be obvious that both heating and cooling are necessary for local residents to have throughout the year, and that an energy efficiency services company in Stockton can help those residents save big on the associated costs.

There are a number of specific services that might contribute to this. And a Stockton homeowner might take advantage of services in any of the following areas.


To avoid heat loss through the roof of your house, a Stockton energy efficiency services company might

  • Replace broken or missing tiles
  • Realign tiles to minimize gaps
  • Replace damaged roofs or outdated materials
  • Install Cool Roofing technology that captures less sunlight and reduces heat transfer

Cool Roofing and proper insulation can help homeowners to save as much as 30 percent on electricity costs. And if you choose AAA Remodeling as your Stockton energy efficiency services company, that work comes with a 40-year warranty.


The catalogue of available materials has improved steadily over the years, and they can protect against heat loss in more areas than you might realize. Ask your Stockton energy efficiency services company about: 

  • Attic insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Convecool wall coatings
  • Air sealing
  • Reflective insulation
  • Radiant barriers
  • Insulated glass

Windows and Doors

Between different types of doors, window frames, and window panes, this category gives homeowners a lot to discuss with an energy efficiency services company in Stockton. Some options to consider:

  • Composite or fiberglass frames
  • Double-pane glass with after-market tint or energy-efficient coatings
  • Solar-control window film
  • Awning, casement, or hopper-style window replacements, for reduced air leakage
  • Steel or fiberglass exterior doors with foam core
  • Professionally-fitted patio doors

Different households may benefit from different combinations of window/door styles and materials. By choosing them carefully with help from a Stockton energy efficiency services company, many local households can look forward to savings of 14 to 18 percent on their energy bills.

Technology Upgrades

Home improvement and energy efficiency technology is improving all the time. If your home hasn’t had any major upgrades in upwards of a decade, you may be missing out on devices and materials that could dramatically improve your climate control while reducing annual costs and your carbon footprint.

  • New AC and HVAC units use 22-38 percent less electricity than a decade ago
  • Home solar panels can offset substantial portions of annual energy costs
  • “Cool paint” on your home’s exterior reduces the absorption of radiant heat 

Inevitably the range of available home improvement options will continue to grow. Whenever you think you’re ready to undertake a major project, remember there’s an energy efficiency services company in Stockton that’s ready to guide you through everything, and help you achieve the largest savings, the greatest comfort, and the lowest environmental impact.