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A fresh coat of paint can make a big impact in your home

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Cool Life Exterior Coating

Painting or repainting the exterior of your home is an easy way to breathe new life into your property, give it more kerb-appeal and increase its value.

What most people probably don’t realize is that you can also reap the benefits of “cool paint” that reflects heat and keeps your house cooler, saving you a small fortune on your AC costs. Cool paint isn’t just another fad, it’s a new technology that really saves people money and protects the environment, so is here to stay.

Cool paint itself is much thicker than regular exterior paints, so one application will last longer, avoiding the need to continually re-paint every few years. It works by reflecting the heat from the sun’s rays using special pigments, which prevents the sun from heating up the inside of your home. So, because you aren’t using your AC as much, not only will you be saving a lot of money, but you will also be helping the environment and lowering your carbon footprint.

Cool paint is weather proof, looks great, and can be applied quickly and easily. So what’s the downside? Well, the only real drawback is that it may cost more than regular exterior paint, but you will recover the costs of the paint itself in no time at all. And don’t forget that one coat lasts much longer than regular exterior paints. We also offer easy financing options with no up-front cost, so there really is nothing to be concerned about.

With the average AC unit using as much as thirty-three 100W light bulbs every hour, you will be amazed at what a difference it will make to your bills. Cool Life paint has even been shown to reduce interior temperatures by up to 37°! So give us a call today to find out more about cool paint options for your home. You enjoy LIFETIME WARRANTY as well!

Make your house stand out, create a more comfortable interior environment, and save money at the same time!

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