Is Underfloor Heating Worth It?

As with most renovation projects, the value of underfloor heating installation varies depending on various details about the space in which it’s being installed, the system it’s replacing, and the current costs associated with that system.

If you’re thinking of installing underfloor heating in an entirely new building or one that is already undergoing a full renovation, then we would guess it will definitely be worth the investment. If you’re thinking about upgrading your heating and/or cooling system as a standalone project, the calculations are a little more complicated but it’s still very likely you’ll get a good return on your investment.

Whether it’s an electrical or hydronic system, underfloor heating requires installers with specialized skills. This might result in higher upfront costs than with traditional HVAC systems, but underfloor heating tends to be highly efficient, customizable, and user-friendly, making it easy for the owner to control day-to-day costs over the long term.

Underfloor heating often allows for warming of single rooms or small areas, preventing heat loss in unused spaces. Furthermore, a properly installed underfloor heating system tends to have substantial longevity with minimal maintenance. So once you’ve made the initial investment, you can just sit back and calculate your savings.

There are also less obvious benefits to underfloor heating which might not factor into initial cost calculations. But once you look more closely at the effects of different installation projects, you may come to the conclusion that underfloor heating boasts an even greater value than you’d realized.

For one thing, the lack of reliance on forced air leads to lesser recirculation of allergens and toxins. And by speeding the evaporation of moisture from surfaces, underfloor heating tends to inhibit the propagation of mold and bacteria. These health benefits often go hand-in-hand with increased safety, as the reduction of accumulated moisture limits the risk of slipping on certain types of flooring.

If your underfloor heating system replaces an HVAC system or radiator, it effectively removes both physical obstacles and potential eyesores from your property. This stands alongside the efficiency and health benefits of the system as a positive contributor to your home’s value. So even if you don’t plan to live in that home long enough to pay off the investment in energy savings, you will almost certainly recoup the cost on the back end, when you are able to demand a higher price from the next buyer, and cash in on your remodel.