Should I Use Financing To Remodel My Home?

If you’re temporarily short on funds for a home remodeling project, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of financing opportunities in order to get that project started right away. You can do so risk-free for 12 months with AAA Remodeling. So if you’re confident that your shortfall won’t last for very long, you can spread your payments out over an entire year and still not pay a dollar more for the project than if you had offered cash up front.

If your remodeling project is more ambitious or you are anticipating a more gradual rise in your income, longer-term financing options are available, with highly competitive interest rates. Whether or not to utilize one of those options is a very personal decision. Everybody’s projects and everybody’s circumstances are different. But if you need help crunching the numbers, AAA Remodeling is more than happy to walk you through our partners’ financing programs and offer insight into which terms are the best match for your financial situation.

We have years of experience applying each of those programs to a wide range of home remodeling projects. And we’ve almost never heard complaints from our customers about financing. As you might expect, the zero-interest option is invariably a source of satisfaction, as customers find it provides them with greater flexibility to manage their household finances while paying off a large-scale remodel.

And even when longer-term financing is necessary, many of our customers report that impact of interest payments is very modest, and is quickly outweighed by increased resale value for their home, or month-to-month savings on energy costs. These financial benefits of remodeling are selling points even when payment is made in one lump sum. But you might find those benefits are even more apparent when the initial costs are spread out, giving you time to watch the savings accumulate.

Present circumstances might have you thinking more carefully about the balance between your household budget and revenue. And this might bolster the appeal of financing. Many people’s lifestyles have been interrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, but many of them are also expecting things to more or less return to normal in the near future. If that is your situation, financing a remodel is a good way to balance short-term optimism with long-term planning.

By carefully earmarking some of the coming year’s income, you can put yourself in a better position to weather the next rainy day – both literally and figuratively – when it inevitably comes around.