Summer Remodeling Ideas for Your Home

Our home remodeling recommendations generally break down into two categories. You might think of them as small and large, or short-term and long term. A relatively simple remodeling project can have a surprising impact on the enjoyment of your home for the rest of the current season. A more substantial remodel should usually be undertaken to prepare for full enjoyment of your home in the seasons to come.

Naturally, summertime is the busy season for home remodeling. But different sorts of customers may need very different services during that time. If you’re interested in personalized recommendations, please contact us and tell us your budget, expected completion date, and basic details about how you plan to use your home in summer and fall. In the meantime, here are some general ideas for both small and large-scale summertime remodeling projects.

Insulation Upgrades

Some people only think about insulation in the winter, when they need to keep the heat in. But it’s every bit as important for efficient cooling in the summer. If you expect to spend more time indoors this summer, you may find yourself surprised by your electricity bill, or the persistent temperature differences between rooms. Improved insulation can make your whole home more comfortable right now, while also putting your mind at ease about the eventual turn toward colder weather.

Roof Repair/Replacement

Roofing also affects your home’s handling of every season. A summertime remodel can make insulation even more effective, potentially boosting your energy savings to 20 or 30 percent. It can also help to guarantee that your home is prepared for storms that might otherwise damage areas of preexisting wear and tear. And proper alignment of tiles and gutters can stave off water damage to other parts of your home or the surrounding property.

Window Replacement

Here too, the effect on insulation can help to dramatically increase the comfort of your home’s internal atmosphere. Beyond that, if your existing windows are worn and old, they just might not be letting in as much light as brand-new windows would. Therefore, window replacement might be an especially attractive project if you expect to spend a lot of time indoors during the summer. And if you really like the idea of bringing the outside in, you might want to consider complementing your replacement windows with new skylights.

New Kitchen/Bathroom Fixtures

If you’re not ready to fully remodel a room, but you want to make major improvements for the summer months, we might recommend replacing certain fixtures. A modern stove with an exhaust hood, for instance, can help you to explore cooking as a hobby while keeping your kitchen cool and smoke-free throughout the summer. In the bathroom, upgrades such as a waterfall showerhead can turn an often-overlooked area of your home into a spa-like getaway from the summer heat.

Porch Extension

As yet another option for improving your summer experience while staying home, a new or expanded porch helps you to enjoy the best of both indoors and outdoors. It’s a major project compared to the above recommendations, but it’s also one that we can complete in the summer months with minimal disruption to your home. And if the remodel involves making the space enclosed or semi-enclosed, it’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy all through the year, as well.