Why Is Insulation Crucial?

If you’re reading this, you probably already have some sense that it’s worthwhile to add insulation to your home. If so, allow this post to assure you that it’s difficult to overestimate the value of upgrading your insulation.

A More Comfortable Home

Often, the first thing that draws a person to a home insulation project is their own discomfort. Maybe it’s a cold day and you’ve just noticed a draft in part of your house. Or maybe you’ve taken temperature readings in different rooms and found that some members of your family are living in a slightly different climate than others.

Whatever the case, you can rest assured that a fully insulated home will provide the same comfort in every room, at every time of day, and in every season of the year. Not only will it spare you from uncomfortable drafts and pools of heat, but it will bring an end to domestic conflicts over the thermostat and sleeping arrangements.

Substantial Energy Savings

Physical comfort is even better when it comes with financial comfort. And with home insulation, these things definitely go hand-in-hand.

On average, upgraded insulation tends to create 15 percent savings in annual heating and cooling costs. And depending on the age and prior weatherization of your home, your savings could be even greater.

A professional assessment of your current insulation should give you an idea of the savings you can expect. But even if those savings are modest, there’s a good chance that they will soon pay for the cost of the upgrade. At the same time, full insulation will add value to your home itself, making it more attractive to the market if you ever decide to sell.

An Environmental Gesture

In fact, there’s good reason to believe that the market value of well-insulated homes will continue to increase in the future. This is as much because of growing demand for sustainability as it is because of the built-in cost savings.

Even for many current homeowners, sustainability is just another reason why upgraded insulation is crucial. Physical comfort and lower energy costs both reflect a definite reduction in your carbon footprint. And amidst growing awareness of climate change, society as a whole is sure to appreciate the gesture.

For that reason, there are many government incentives and tax rebates available to people who decide to improve the insulation of their homes. You shouldn’t need these incentives in order to see the value of doing so, but if that’s the thing that pushes you to lower your home energy costs and raise your comfort level, we encourage you to take advantage of whatever is available.